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Shaanxi Berries Biochemical Co.,Ltd , located in Xian China, is a professional plant extracts manufacturer and herbal ingredients researcher.

Our superiorities:

 A complete products system including materials purchasing system,R&D system, production system,quality control system and customer service system.

 Experience of more than 100 kinds of plant extracting

 Extract 1000 tons different raw material capacity

 Products have already gained the most favorable reputation from North America, Europe, Japan, Korea, South East Asia ,Australia etc

 Our products serve the customers in functional food and drinks, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic industries .

   We are willing to in accordance with the requirements of customers and improvecolor,solubility or content of our products.

Fax +86-29-88384440
AddTang yan nan road,High-tech industrial development zone,Xi'an,China
Shaanxi Berries Biochemical Co.,Ltd.